DoubleVPN their hands. Is it possible?

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OpenVPN supports the option DoubleVPN.
Many VPN services predlagayut service DoubleVPN (incoming and outgoing servers are different), I personally do not see much sense in that to let traffic through different servers that belong to the same office.

Question: is it Possible to organize VPN-traffic is consistent across 2 independent VPN server (local machine)?
At the moment, via OpenVPN client establish connection to 2 different VPN servers, but the traffic goes to or through the first or through the second, but not consistently.

someone suggested that with the right settings routes you can do.
Tell me is it possible and how?
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2 Answers

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To connect with the first, add the route through it for a second. To establish a connection with the second, while adding the routes through it for all that you have to drive through a VPN (or default
More can be answered if we know what is your OS, what operating system on the servers where you have these connections set going, etc.
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you have still got to set it up?

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