How to make a deploy to the app under Eclipse on Glassfish 3.1 cluster

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Expensive time of day!
Need help, if anyone has information I would be very grateful.
I would like to run the app under Eclipse Helios to deploy executed on a glassfish 3.1 cluster on ubuntu (several sushnosti, on multiple machines, in my case 1 local machine 2 entities and one remote machine also with 2).
In the manual it turns out to do war deployment, but is it possible to make settings to run directly via Eclipse?
It's not for parallel programming, and to control load balancing during the development process I would like to be able to see the log and the console.
If you need any more information to answer email.
Thank you
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3 Answers

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Not sure what will fit exactly in your case, but you can try JetBrains TeamCity server with multiple build agents on different machines. On one machine it is also possible to start several build agents.
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remote debug?
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Thank you all for the answers. Problem solved with the help of plug-ins, described in topic Eclipse MPICH and PTP administrator and Eclipse preferences. Of course it is impossible to debajyoti all instances simultaneously (not necessary actually), but the console is switched automatically depending on what instance is running in the current time on the Glassfish cluster.

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