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I want to order the book "Thinking in Java" on amazon? - | Q&A

I want to order the book "Thinking in Java" on amazon?

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Before with online shopping has not experienced, interested in the advice of "experienced". :) Already a lot of information quickly through it, but the puzzle's not yet developed. Worse, in places, contradictory. For example, in one place seen mention of that in the CIS countries amazon delivers books and CDs directly. In the other, now don't do that, or it's too expensive and much easier to use the services of a mediator, for example, shipito.

If simply to decompose the paragraph above, we are interested in:
  1. Is it true that to deliver from the British Amazon and it comes out faster and cheaper than from the US? And what about currency conversion?
  2. It is possible and necessary to take direct delivery of the book, if there is one?
  3. Which delivery method to choose?
  4. What to correctly enter in the shipping address? Particularly interesting fields, such as ZIP, State/Province/Region Address Line. If it is peeping that joint file with a transcription?
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4 Answers

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Amazon is a platform for product placement with stores, very few stores Amazon ship the item to Russia, normally it is sometimes easier to find the product on ebay.
Choose shipping or USPS Air mail — regular mail, or Prioriti — Express or Express, EMS, Express, do not select, there will be problems.
ZIP index, State — state, not necessary to write Province — oblast (Moscow region or something like this), Address Line — the address (Moscow, Pionerskaya str-24a-7), though the city is usually a separate field.
The address you write to our mail, write so they read the English letters and knew where to go.
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if you need more — you can help send US
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Amazon works flawlessly.
It is necessary to note two things
1) Russia's only "Priority International Courier (averages 2-4 days)" — that is, DHL, etc.
It will cost extra money ($30-$40).
2) it Should not fall on customs duties. Shipping cost by DHL, UPS included in the price of goods!
Previously, the limit was 5,000 rubles. These limits were (this has a thread on habré) revised summer, but the last time I ordered the book (in August), DHL advised me not to order more than $ 200 (including shipping costs).
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Bought in winter a book on Amazon with a direct delivery in Kyiv by regular mail. Everything is OK.
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