Performance comparison of Amazon EC2 vs Xeon vs desktop?

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One of the problems with large CPU consumption, the question arose of what to count. In this connection there was a question on choice of hosting. Maybe someone will be able to tell/to throw a link to a comparison of the performance:

  • Amazon EC2 High-CPU
  • Xeon Quad-Core E5620/5630
  • Core i7-960/980

I would be grateful for any advice. The calculation on the GPU do not offer :)
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3 Answers

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Amazon EC2 High-CPU you can just get from the comparison, it will be slower even some Core2 Duo 2GHz.
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Take EC2 for administrative convenience, not for high performance. It is obvious that hardwarei % virtual will be faster.
But if the task parallelizes well and there is no need to consider the time — you can take a dozen EC2 instances (not necessarily High CPU), to count and to forget. The cost will be much cheaper.
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i7-960/980 in most cases will be faster E5620/5630 stupid due to the frequency, except if your task is VERY demanding to the L1 cache, and 4Mb additional crucial.
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