Neural networks and data compression

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Have long been interested in coding with compression. And since we do neural networks and genetic algorithms, the question arises, what are the prospects of using them for compression.

Found on the Internet a few works. For example:
M. Mahoney, "Fast Text Compression with Neural Networks",
P. Watta et al. "Image Compression using Backprop",
Image Compression with Neural Networks,
S. A. Durai "Image Compression with Back-Propagation Neural Network using Cumulative Distribution Function",
S. A. K. Jilani "JPEG Image Compression using FPGA with Artificial Neural Networks",
F. Ibrahim, "Image Compression using Multilayer Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network and DCT".

(The last two publications are dated 2010, but it's the exception. Work is usually old. It is, in General, it is clear people usually are published in paper journals.)

But these works are devoted to some private research. I would like to see an overview.

How promising is the use of Ann (Mahoney mentioned quite successfully applied them in your PAQ since version 7), what are the challenges currently facing what direction research?
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Works on compression ins quite a lot. There is a General overview (only dated 1995 year).
Then it's simple: click on "Cited by 159" and look who's in this review refers — it will be as individual articles, and new reviews on this and related topics. Read, then see who cited these articles, and so on inland. Should start with well-cited articles; if the article made no reference to, or new, or not particularly useful.
About prospects — it is better to ask the supervisor. About current challenges/directions — it will become clear from the articles.

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