As it is now fashionable to format the hard drive?

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There was a need to format a hard drive, a hundred years wasn't doing that previously used the DOS fdisk and format. Now is DOS to bother or is it better to boot from a flash drive with software such as gparted/paragon, or advise that they themselves use.

Thank you in advance!
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Every OS has tools for formatting. Same Windows: right click on the drive there and Format.
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If you have installed Windows on hand, nerazviti hard disk can be formatted to the desired number of sections by standard means:
Start -> right clivesay on "Computer" -> Manage - > "disk management"
There you can create them with the desired size, and then format, simply double-clicking on the drive icon in Explorer.
If you want to format on the new computer, any system installer now knows how, or with gparted, which is in any live Linux distro
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I put on my old "partition magic" or "acronis disk director"
The latter is much easier and the functionality of the program quite large.
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