Routes on two servers

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Good day!

At the moment trying to "cloud" servers. Decided to move the project from one provider to another. Both are in the same DC and IP are in the same subnet I need the server server2 have access to server1.
For example, server1 has IP address xxx.yyy.11.22, server2 xxx.yyy.33.44.

On server1 there are such routes:
xxx.yyy.228.0/24 dev eth1 proto kernel scope link src xxx.yyy.11.22
default via xxx.yyy.228.254 dev eth1

On server2 are:
xxx.yyy.0.0/16 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src xxx.yyy.33.44
default via xxx.yyy.239.254 dev eth0

As I understand it, the case in the first routes routes. Tried on server 1 to put the rout to the server 2 via default, and on server 2 to start the route to the server 1 via default... did Not work... what to do?

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2 Answers

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> Both are in the same DC and IP are in the same subnet.
There's something wrong, usually such large subnets do not. Check with techsupport DC accurate subnet masks, if the servers in one VLAN if one switch or have a connection through the router.
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> server server2 have access to server1
who, you mean?
if you need L2 Broadcast — vlan
if the L3 IP connectivity is great in principle, must provide default gateway

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