Mediacompany (cataloguers). Which is better?

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The logical continuation of this theme

What medicompany know? What do you use? What you think is better and for what reasons?

From myself I will enumerate the following:

iTunes is certainly the leader, is functional, but has several disadvantages.

Music Label 2011 is definitely a competitor to the tuna, however, are paid.

Windows Media Player is also good, but has its drawbacks.

EmoDio is some buggy, but quite original.

Now the most interesting — the basic requirements. Or what is the perfect functional medicamina:

— the simplicity of the interface and functionality

— multi-format. Just full support (so that the tags and the covers were displayed correctly) flac, ape, alac. Well, the rest can not speak. Modern combines popular formats stretch for cheer.

— multiplatform, or at least synchronize your library with mobile devices — it is really important. Gaining popularity Mac OS, Linux too is not in place, about Windu not say anything and so everything is clear. It would be very useful if the cataloger was the ability to sync your library. Let's say I use on the Mac, listened to certain songs, made changes in your library, put the song on pause — rebooted in Windows and continued listening to the song and view the changes.

— ease, but at the same time, rich functionality and attractive interface. For music lovers this is a real problem (especially when the songs sewn rugs hq, you start braking) if your library an average of more than 10K songs. Some harvesters have all sorts of uluchshiteli, but when I turn them begins treatment of the songs, which is 100% loading the CPU. This is, for example, in iTunes when you add songs when putting ticks on "test sound", "sound enhancer". Conclusion — weak systems do not use completely

*by the way for large collections (more than 100k) of a suitable processor is not found after adding such a large collection, the harvesters start to brake terribly

**the ability to backup collections, as well as better structuring of the collection by the harvester

— support for remote servers. The possibility of organizing your library on different computers/hard drives/servers — of course for large collections

Wrote all the basic, now it's your turn complete wishes comments. If there is interest I will write a detailed article.
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although someone might have enough and well-configured foobar2000
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Well sorted in folders library + foobar. Nothing more is needed.
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the installation of such a library at home serwaczak.
The use of "mediacompany" with the sql database /*just did a heavy weight option*/.
The face of choice. even though the web.
I have implemented so.

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