Is there a more or less universal format in which to save the results of a code review?

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What we have: git, email/chat, a git repository on cifs ball.
I do not have: the ability to deploy to any server to do something that requires administrator privileges.

What I would like to: conduct code review with the option to send the results thereof, through available means of communication, and used for the review of the usual difftools, for example meld.

I got on this issue: editors like vim and emacs, have a number of plugins that allow you to pull off such a venture, but the format in each of them, which is not very convenient, because it turns a strong dependence on a particular instrument.

Actually the main question is:
Is there any generally accepted format for storing comments to the text files, what for example is the unified diff for differences. The main requirements for it human readable/writable, easily parsed, ideally, can contain additional service information (for example, audit, info about author, date, etc.) and can be embedded in the patch.
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Maybe you are interested in the fabricator.
Excellent Tulsa for reviewcheck, it is a rail with a bunch of plugins, I think any thread reports you can tie if need be.

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