How to change used network interface for a single application/host? (Configuration of the Internet in China)

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Chinese Internet providers, which I have to use, carefully protect users from the corrupting influence of such dangerous sites like youtube, twitter, facebook, and many others. Some foreigners even rejoice that less time is spent on aimless browsing. Others are trying to circumvent restrictions.

One of the ways of obroda connection through a foreign VPN. A good VPN allows you to download blocked foreign websites at a decent speed, but when traffic goes through VPN greatly reduced the speed of access to local Chinese sites. Constantly having to enable then disable the VPN, depending on the site.

How to do so and local and foreign sites loaded quickly without reconnecting?

I see two solutions:

You can let the main traffic through the VPN, while to make a list of sites that will be loaded directly.

Or, less convenient option is to let the traffic from one browser directly and open it via Chinese websites, but other browsers foreign websites.

Question: how it can be implemented under Ubuntu or Windows?
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To open blocked sites do not have to use a VPN. Perhaps will suit you anonymous proxy. In the browser settings to make exceptions to local sites. Or use two browsers, one for local resources, the other for zaplaceni sites.
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The Chinese route a subnet to one interface, and the other subnet to the other (tunnel).
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