Have you noticed Google cheat in the summary of problems/availability App Engine?

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That's the question.

At the time of writing in the summary of the issues App Engine code.google.com/status/appengine a question mark for the Taskqueue and the exclamation mark for the Datastore.

My site fell. First off Urlfetch (although the summary of this is nothing), then started to give Server Error and in the log there are no errors.

Now do not work even those pages where there is no access to the database.

Checked even some third-party sites — some work, and some the same problem as me.

The most unpleasant in all this time — that the problem is not recorded in official reports.

And another point. Noticed that Google sometimes cleans the problems of history. Ie the problem was, the website did not work. And even appear in the summary. Look the next day no trace of the problem left — the green bird, all OK, 100% availability.

Actually, I would like to know from those who have been uses:

1. Google is cheating on us or am I mistaken?
2. What is the real availability of services?
3. If it helps, if buy office 8.e. a month?
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1. Not a lot to say on the topic. For example, post their client... it's awful. Why do we have advertising put. Now it looks like a strange! It follows from this one, they are all free, but still we earn :)
2. —
3. -
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Have to admit about Urlfetch. The problem I had: instead of 3 attempts to access the server was looping (and eventually the error "the remote name is not available"). And how evil my bug in the new version coincided with the database issues, and the old version due to overconfidence was removed.
In General, while in the statistics displays all honestly the situation occurred: code.google.com/status/appengine/detail/datastore/2011/01/05#ae-trust-detail-datastore-get-latency so maybe I should not Google "loaf crumbled".
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Who are these people who are cheating on poor Google?

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