Problems with Ubuntu on my laptop Toshiba u500-10m

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Hello. I think the question is relevant only for owners of laptops Toshiba.
I have long wanted to change to Ubuntu and when finally got around collided with a number of upsetting and repelling issues. The first thing that caught my eye — the laptop is under Ubuntu do not work cooler. Googling revealed that the problem is not one of me, and that in addition to this problem there are problems with Bluetooth, hibernate and a number of smaller ones.
With Linux and know very very superficial, so problem solving is to find and could not. Hope only on your help. Thank you.
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I'm not the owner of this laptop, this is all that is written then it is simply that it was possible naguglit. Everything is done at your own risk but what could be worse than idle cooling =) so cooling:
1. Open the terminal (Applications -> accessories -> Terminal).
2. In the terminal enter:
sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
3. Find the line:
4. Replace it with the line:
5. Save.
6. In the terminal execute two commands:
sudo update-grub
sudo reboot
After the restart, the fans should work. This decision was stated in several different sources.

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