Dune BD Prime 3.0 — how to effectively upgrade the hard drive?

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I have Dune on disk is 500GB, of which 450 are available, and which is not enough...

Want to take the 2TB drive, but the question is how most effectively to move the 500GB to the new disk, because the partitions do not use?

Stupid for the network to copy everything to the local disk of the computer, insert a new disc into the player, to format and re-record all the mesh back in? Is there a quick option?

The computer under windows 7

Thanks in advance to those who answer!
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2 Answers

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Boot with Acronis and perform copying from one hard to another. Although the option of draining via the network the easiest to implement.
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the best way was so
— removed the lid from the dunes, next put the public system unit
— disconnected the SATA cable from the Board Bluray, connected to this socket SATA cable longer
— new hard drive hooked up to it SQTQ cable, and the power supply was taken from the open system unit
included first system unit, then dune
the second hard drive decided
the copying occurs at a speed of 20MB/s, fully scored on 450Гб drive copied for 6 hours
network download this the volume on my PC would take more than a day, and then another, and copy back — about the same

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