How to restrict access to a computer on the LAN to specific IP addresses?

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Good day!
There is the following situation. In the office center using a wi-fi router (i.e. access it I have) to all offices (of the company) on the floor. How can I organize access to shared directories on my machine only certain users (within our office)? I tried to create a rule using the Win 7 firewall for inbound connections (for some IP addresses), but for some reason nothing happened.
Thanks in advance for the answer!
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2 Answers

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in fact, the Windows policy is set not to computers but to users. then it makes sense to specify which user doverjaet to read and write-to view on your resource.
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As I understand it, all computers using public wi-fi. Recently coped with a similar task using Hamachi
Up to 5 users-free. After installation donstroy at the request of Google: "step-by-step setup hamachi"
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