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Than to send iPhone from USA to Russia?

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Friend is in USA and can buy the iPhone without a contract (~$650). What service can you deliver it to Russia without much ADO? As far as I remember, DHL stopped to send parcels from the USA to Russia in March.
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Regular mail (USPS) USPS Express Mail to Russia will do it by EMS (post), at the finish line will be delivered by the courier at the address. In principle, from our own experience in the early years was the seams with the speed of summer America was sending within a week.
-price(compared to private offices)
-No problems with customs (1K Euro per month limit for the state postal, for private severely curtailed, so then do not deliver — you need to make Tamina)
-at the beginning of the year, the parcel could long to go
-retarding (up to a day or two) on the territory of the Russian Federation the status of tracking (in the other what he is — also a plus)
-Mail of Russia. That is, before sending it is necessary to very securely package and you can mash... And to insure mandatory.
The result — your nuk I sent at the time, came in the area of$ 30, delivered within a week to the house (St. Petersburg, Moscow may quickly be released). Something like that.
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USPS (EMS), Preferably Priority Mail with insurance (+ they give a tracking). Express Mail is not send because customs may have problems to pay can nothing will have but a day to kill — Yes.
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