Why the contents of the external disk is visible in Total Commander, but not visible in Explorer?

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After upgrade to SSD on laptop, I had extra hard drive that I started to use external (via a USB case). But after a few days of use the problems started with a disk and one day it got a primary partition as RAW file system. Long understood in what the reason - most likely to blame external case, because when chkdisk ran through it, the problem lasted (probably not enough power). Once connected this disk via SATA adapter - chkdisk worked fine (a few hours were fixing something) and now says that everything is in order.

But there is one problem - the disk is visible in Explorer so
not available, even if you start the Explorer with administrator rights. In total commander drive won't open either, but if you run total commander with administrator rights, then the contents of the disk can be seen, everything is read and written.

Question - what could be wrong and how to finally docility drive?
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All the question is removed. Somehow did not have permission to drive the ordinary users. Added users rights to disk, it appeared in the system. All thanks, the question is closed )
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1. try to make uchetku "monopoly", i.e. full admin without restrictions
2. can analogue utorun.inf is in the root of the drive ?
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Try to boot with the live and format using Acronis Disk Director. Might help low-level formatting.

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