Implementation of digital filters in PHP?

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So I have a problem the next character. I'm doing a diploma in your UNIVERSITY. I have a task to develop a web interface for a large system. The diploma is a mandatory section — Digital signal processing. The problem is that I have no signals themselves, there is only a certain array of values of the points stored in the database.

In fact I have a diploma in General there is digital processing and signals, but since this section is mandatory, it should be.

Ie do I need to take the array of points and values obtained from certain devices and stored in the database in XML format (these values thank God the real, to invent is not necessary) and run it through some filter (does not matter what Chebyshev, Butterworth or some other).

Simply put I required the software implementation of some filter in PHP. So I can take from DB XML to extract out the data array and run it through this filter.

Yandex and Google say that I was a fool and that anyone nafig not needed and no one did. In Matlab Simulink, please, on no PHP.

So, please, question. If you have someone something like that. Or in General, any software implementation of a certain digital filter? Even if it is not in PHP, C++, Java, or just on a spherical pseudo-code in a vacuum. The main thing that PHP could be rewritten.
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Look in libDSP © and SciPy (Python) — you may find something useful.

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