What city/region is most attractive to the developer for relocation to relocate and why ?

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I would like to know the opinion habroloma on this issue as relevant.

Indicative list of criteria here, though the list is of course incomplete and its addition is welcome:

  • Living conditions and housing affordability.
  • The ratio of SN in the profession / cost of living (on average).
  • The demand for professions in the IT field
  • The probability of professional and career growth.
  • The influence of cronyism and "Royal blood" at work.
  • The presence of other professionals in the field of IT who not only "microwave repair", but to do it yourself.
  • The initiative is NOT punishable.

Understand that most of the residents of capitals and other big cities many of the items will cause only a smile, but I assure You it could be worse.

If you lived/worked in several cities — write about all my personal opinion.
Huge request in writing reviews just start with the name of the city and the region.

PS This is not a public opinion survey with the aim of publishing, but a very real problem of choosing Your colleagues, and I believe many visitors of Habra too. Asking to be taken seriously.

PPS want to publish this issue has ripened in connection with complete failure at present, the last 5 items in the place of actual residence at this time and the almost complete lack of changes over a dozen years of work in the region.
The region itself has not yet called not to divert the discussion away from the main theme.
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— there is demand from other regions
— there is coming developers ( those which I personally know: Belgorod, Minsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk )
— prices for renting housing below-
— pay slightly lower than in the MSC, but it suits them
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Palo Alto?
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DS. Opportunity initiatives, and other more employer-dependent. Although, if the whole city is a single employer, for which You will not overqualified, of course, such an approach is the place to be (I theoretically argue, in the region lived, but not working).
In General, the most interesting to live in the region and to work there remotely (via odesk, for example, in kamentah unsubscribe who).
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Join the author of the question. The last time I except Default no options City do not see. In my city, too solid to scoop the majority (Parallels Yes, Kaspersky just sit). But come in large numbers, as it is also not desirable.
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We must proceed from the level of knowledge.
— If You steep at some to acquire IT, the road to You in the capital or Petersburg.
— If You are to steep, you can stay put and study, study and study again.
— If You are a tough professional who wants to earn very good money, you should think about moving to a distant city (Siberia, far North, South of Russia). There is growing demand in the IT experts and pay more. Many of my friends successfully moved to Siberia, one even working in Grozny — the money's good.
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On habré the subject of a contest among bloggers with a story about where to live. Among the criteria were two of these. Some bloggers wrote about the mostly.
In one of the first reviews really noticed that "the results of the survey showed that in Russia it is better not to live."
Aside from the dreams of the house near the forest and my Internet connection for work, his car, a bunch of kids... Oops, got carried away.
In General, you Should look to other cities over one million people, comes after two cities: Kazan, Rostov etc. In my opinion, here business once developed. There's all weeks start-UPS were held around the country. If again not to take corruption to the specific conditions of Russia in General and in specific regions, then this is the perfect place to start a business. Moreover, theoretically, to pour in the money now, and even state orders must be many: all region "computerizing".
PS. I now fall of that year, even offered to MOE one project to do =D
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Let us, in Krasnodar.
-Professional Studio unit. (and in truth they are not)
-Many engaged in ordinary hack, not a hack, everything is done on time, in price.
-The demand is high.
Money on that can earn you more than you need to spend on accommodation (although the prices for the lease of the bite).

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