How to hide part of the picture, and the rest to do the background?

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Generally have a logo and it comes on the menu, here's a screenshot
And it turns out that we can not click the bottom two buttons. Can we hide part of the logo, and the rest to make the background for the top menu?
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3 Answers

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1. cut off half a head and post a separate picture on top of the menu.
2. do menu bilayer - below background, on top of the text between them - picture
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Depends on the layout. You can specify the logo position absolute and put a z-index less than the unit menu.
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I can honestly say that nothing good is not over.
Yes, there are several ways to do this without cutting the image, but I don't even want to describe them - it is long and unreliable.
if the Builder had located at least on the left...
...and if You want to make the drop-down menu, again there will be problems.

remove the negative margin, let the logo climbs on the menu. the design of this will only get better
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