Windows Server 2008

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There is such a thing
It 4x2Tb WD

I want raid-5

the question is — I have never put a Windows Server

what I want from him:

how to implement Raid-5 (system to put on the first disc?)
if he could set iTunes to distribute movies and music over the network to the Apple TV 2? (question since I read on the forums about problems installing iTunes on Windows Server)
Backup data from home computers (Mac+PC)
Apache Mysql PHP

Maybe something else will advise?
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1 Answer

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With the fifth RAID you have two options:
1) to put the system on the first disk of the three remaining to collect R5, built-in
2) put a separate controller and a RAID. drawback: not all controllers are to get, not all the controllers know how to create arrays larger than 2 TB.
given the volume, you have to use GPT disks breakdown, 2008 can not italianoil to boot from GPT disks — I do not remember.

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