What to do if the websockets module?

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raechel implement a module for websockets

have questions on the implementation of the logic

I understand that the WEB server have to take the headers to the connection

to give the appropriate headers to the client and let the connection to the backend.

next hanging constant connection and the WEB server works as a proxy.
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Let's see how they are made to nodejs, read the specs. But don't forget that the latest version of the Protocol contains a vulnerability, and has been withdrawn from Firefox & Opera.
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You have 2 ways. From scratch www.whatwg.org/specs/web-socket-protocol/
Or you can watch how it is done in the server-side socket.io/ file That is responsible for logic ws github.com/LearnBoost/Socket.IO-node/blob/master/lib/socket.io/transports/websocket.js
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how to make from scratch — it is more less clear
I wanted to integrate in an existing WEB server
this question
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Now nginx can't proxy Websocket about Apache not sure. And no modules for native support of ws I is not found.
You can do this: to raise the WebSocket backend (node.js + socket.io) to put HAProxy in front of nginx, which will forward the requests to the ws-the backend directly.
Well, here's another option in php phpDaemon instead of stack node.js + socket.io: habrahabr.ru/blogs/webdev/82140/
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