How to make a network of 7 PC?

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Hello Habr!
I need to make a wired network for 7PCS + Wi-Fi

Have 1 cord of the optical fiber, it is necessary to provide simultaneous Internet access with 7PCS and an opportunity to connect over Wi-Fi.
How to do it better?
In practice faced with the fact that you need more than 4 PCs and always had router with Wi-Fi, but the 7-port router couldn't find.
I guess I need a good router with Wi-Fi and switch to it, but decided to first ask the knowledgeable people.
Thank you.
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5 Answers

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You have the same provider gets "optical cable", You wrote.
So optics SPF switch, and from there twisted pair to a router in WAN, LAN twisted it again to the switch.
And users to switch +, of course, setting VLAN.
OSI Layer 3, then a managed network level.
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I looked in three stores — even the 7 port router no one saw. They still exist in nature?
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I'd bought a separate router, switch, access point.
Of course, if it's for home or You are low on space, look for IFIs.
If you are interested in the option of 3 glands, then you can think about what to buy, again in the framework of the budget?
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Regarding which is better a switch or a router with the right number of ports.
If the network will be expanded (and we have already taken 8/8 ports), in any case, the purchase of new hardware is inevitable.
So I think it is better to acquire 8/16 port L3 switch.
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Another option:
Router + L3 Switch
Any Router, Wifi, 1 WAN, 1 LAN
L3 Switch, 16 Ports, slot for SPF module
Organization think clear.
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