[Ukraine] Web-center "entrepreneurs against the usurpers"

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The question is: is there in Ukraine, a website where entrepreneurs could coordinate their actions against the usurpers (I mean those who now call themselves the government).

After all, there were a lot of disturbances against the Tax Code, if you can call it that. And that, that was it?

The only thing I could find — webmaidan.org But there is even a forum there, where you could discuss issues.

It turns out nobody needs, or both?
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In the midst of the protests, Twitter was used (#kat_ua), and now I have no idea.
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Everyone understands that it is necessary to do business and not to wander through the streets.
Think I'll go into the shade and sit.
They are partially right.
Because it's all a big game.
In my opinion there is a sense to play it, but the understanding of controlled folly.
Russian guys made a website www.it-esn2011.ru/
collecting signatures, it seems like even the Deputy of the introduced amendments.
To raise WordPress with a couple of plug — ins- 3 hours.
And then here is the content, moderation and direction in a positive manner is a separate work.
Besides who is to allocate your time, and do it well boleemenee — praise honor and uvazhuha

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