In what form is it better to publish a substantial text for the web community?

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The challenge is to organize the community napodobie Habra. There is a text that describes the problems of the future community and which is intended to become a center of crystallization. The text is quite extensive – 95 thousand characters, there are three more or less independent parts, each part is divided into three to four paragraph. The question is how best this text post to one side to present it as a unified whole, separate from the stream of posts, which will fill the community, and on the other as an invitation to a detailed

I see a few options.

1) to Make a few blogs, each individual post to post the relevant paragraphs in each post adding a table of contents-links to other parts;

2) Make a separate special blog and posting or paragraphs, or more extensive three parts. The table of contents to include in the body of the post or make a separate side block;

3) just to Make a separate post/separate page where you will be flipping the flash book;

Please advise which option is preferable.
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Oh how many such questions, and that at least one would plyusanul. Or probably I do not quite understand)
3 flash is not an option immediately.
Anyway, what is this text like this, you think about people who will read it. Divide and organize. All IMHO of course.
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And you see how it's done in the same Habra
A short introduction and links to other sections. IMHO, this is the best option.
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