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Problem with SSL in GMail? - | Q&A

Problem with SSL in GMail?

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've seen this on other sites, but when it is already in the mail began to appear — my patience ran out and decided to find out.


What could be the cause?

Unsafe resources, which may be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page is some js that is passed via plain http?

How can I find out what resources triggered this warning?


Night Windows installed a few updates (this is most likely insignificant, but for completeness) and rebooted PC. Now I go to GMail error is not reproduced.

By the way in Google Reader the error persists, but there is inevitably, as multimedia content is transferred from the original sites via http, now I'll read the Reader without encryption.

Experimental features of the laboratory included a lot.

Chrome, extensions installed, only Google Mail Checker Plus.

For developer Tools -> Resources thank you, I will try, as the problem persists.

Have tried this method on another site with the same problem, where the problem turned out to be loadable over http widget reformula.

Time and time zone is shot down.

Installed Kaspersky Crystal, but his options not found checking SSL.

But I agree with pwlnwthat then the error would be different. In addition, the error would be on all SSL sites, not on some.
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7 Answers

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This is because Chrome? Ctrl+Alt+J -> Resources, there are looking for files downloaded via http.
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Once had a similar problem — it turned out that the computer lost time, and time zone. Put the time and correct belt, cleaned cookies and cache and everything fell into place. This decision is mentioned in the caliper forums Google chrome.
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Also today, I heard about this problem from a friend, although its not watch. You have something enabled in experimental features lab?
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I have the same problem. Just to inform that you are not alone :)
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Now here noticed that when you disabled AdBlock this note no.
AdBlock adds code to your page to remove ads :-)
Try also disable.
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check out incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N)
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You have a good antivirus what costs?
The virus has a function to check secure connections where possible... it is behavior...

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