Why services like groupon, biglion etc. there are service providers?

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Sitting, scratching their heads — how all the same sites earn group discounts?

The site says that, say, a discount for collective purchasing.

Let's see: sold a coupon for 4000 rubles with a 75% discount for 1000 rubles.

Half of 1000 rubles takes biglion. The service provider receives only 500 rubles 4000.

This is significantly below cost services — often the cost of services including all rent and salaries are higher than 50% of the price. ie we have with each coupon provider loses 1500 rubles! But if coupons are buying a thousand? so often. 1.5 million loss? Supplier well in any way does not make a profit from this action.

How the supplier gets the profit? Due to the fact that customer buys additional services at full price? Due to the fact that one day the entire audience biglion-and looking at this place (is)? Due to the conversion of these coupon visitors into regulars? But it's all of dubious merit... are they worth the loss? 1.5 million rubles sickly advertising campaign zafigachit!

What I don't understand? Where the dog is buried?
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Groupon negotiates with shops, restaurants, spa-salons and other establishments about discounts to its users in exchange for a guarantee to attract customers. To get the discount, you need to buy the Groupon coupon, print it out and present it to the seller. Groupon earns on fees from deals; now it's about $50 million per month.
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The usual advertising scheme — consider how much will it cost for one of attracting visitors, not how many will receive less profit.
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1. As mentioned above, it's marketing. In marketing as in many professions, very few intelligent professionals. For any company, every advertising campaign is a headache (except for image ads).
Usually a businessman (owner, General, ...) wants to be sure what the effect would be from the marketing. There are marketing Department, he eats a salary, must have something to offer, brings any nonsense with insane costs without any guarantees.
How to calculate the effect of lower prices?
After all, if you come to the same customers, it is loss of profit.
So we go to step 2...
2. New trend: "buy the buyer"
A perfectly clear principle. I only came for a specific buyer. And there is some assurance that it is unique and new.
If I spend my share of time in half a year, it is theoretically possible to agree to those who came last time could not buy, etc.
Why should I buy a buyer?
3. "Buy attention"
The attention of the man now so much dispersed, all fighting for him.
If I have good service, I'll give it to you to try for free.
You pay attention to me.
And if the service (product) is really worthwhile you will come to me again.
Ie is a service for those who really tries to be better. Who does not need to peddle. Who appreciates and respects the client. One says sale 80% and writes the old price multiplied by 2.
Unfortunately in our country such a minority, so such a cool idea, and strive to flush down the toilet in the Wake of the crowd (for quantity we sacrifice quality)
Well the most basic answer to the question.
This is especially beneficial to companies service.
Those who have a really small cost.
And time constraints (only in the morning ...) sebestoimosti can be equal to 0.
For example, a ski resort (the lift is still spinning, the snow is ..)
Spa (massage and so paid a salary, and they idle afternoon)
Movie (halls are usually empty)
Tire :-)
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1) Regarding restaurants: often sold coupons are limited to a specific amount. Example: "75% Discount in the restaurant Buster (pay 200 instead of 800)". The average restaurant bill exceeds estesno 800R, so even if you pay the balance without discount 200 rubles, the discount percentage has decreased (for example, paying only 200R to 800R, paid coupon, you will reduce the discount percentage to 60%).
2) For all relevant institutions that they are getting relatively inexpensive is because the daily audience of sites like Biglion and CARBERRY big enough, I think. This is have to pay not money, and discounts on their services — not a bad option.
3) a Client who went to the restaurant at a discount may come again yourself and tell your friends. If the place is good and you checked, the next time you are there and no discounts will come if you suddenly have the need, and the coupon will not or use it will not be possible (not everyone will lead at a cafe coupon for a business partner or a girl just met).
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I then went bowling with a discount of 90%... still thinking... is it really profitable?
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Just the service costs 100 rubles instead of 4,000, in the end, the institution makes a profit: 400 rubles.
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Spas, for example, often advertise so unpopular services.

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