Send data through Request Payload with PHP

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Studied one site. And noticed that there form is not sent through POST. But through Request Payload (name with google chrome).
It looks like this.
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="data[name]"

I found out that this data transmission uses a js framework angular.
Also found out that with PHP, this transfer is taken in this way. file_get_contents('php://input')
But I'm interested in how can I with PHP to send the data.
Now I am trying to use Zend_Http_Client to send requests to the server.
I assume that you can use a method setRawData. Approximately
$client->setRawData('json string', 'application/json');
But in what format to pass on to him the information I don't know. Also not sure that's what you need.
Suits me any information that will allow us to move forward. Thank you for your attention.
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1 Answer

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The format is "multipart/form-data" , RFC 2388, Wiki
To encode the data itself should ZF, look carefully in the File Uploads. Can also view the source code, everything you need is already done.

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