Need a simple CMS/ERP to maintain a list of customers and control of edits. (details under the cut)?

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I was a little bit difficult to make up a good title so I'll describe what it looks like what I have now and what you must be like your offer.

Clients it's actually a list of IPS with all sorts of additional counts and parameters on the device.

At the moment I have it made in the form of Excel file.

What would like to see app/CMS from a web muzzle.

well, this should be a basic list of IPS with the function of additives required fields.

Access control should look something like: all, always and even at the same time neskolkih have the right to view the list.

and that would be at that particular point in time only one person could login with admin and edit the file. For others it will be impossible until it always log out.

well in General need here is a web-based Excel/database

Please are not accepted by Google Docs.

Thanks in advance.
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I think you do reject the best option googledocs, there awesome best, versioning, + I think you can see who and what screwed up, just awesome parallel operation with documents, I even think I almost came when I first tried it in.
And you easier fill script for half an hour on the knee.

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