What program to use to convert a dynamically generated Flash movie (SWF) to a video file on the server?

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The task of the next (do not judge strictly for possible wrong wording):

1) input receives a dynamically generated SWF file, consisting of a video stream and dynamically loadable data (images). That is, before conversion to swf via flashVars passed the parameters (url of images) that need to be downloaded and added to the swf

2) Need to convert a swf file to a video format (mpg (mpeg-1),mp4 (for playback on iphone). This video file during the playback should be identical to the SWF file (need to display all the elements in SWF file) including the sound.

To implement the above tasks, we use the (demo) program:
www.swfkits.com/swf-to-video-sdk/but not sure that is exactly what we need. Due to the fact that we are laying a high peak load on the conversion (up to 500 conversions per minute).

Experience in this part almost no.
Please help respected members of Abrasheva.
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3 Answers

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Videos should be prepared in programs for video, albeit dynamic. What you get video as a result of playing a flash version of course is simple. But under such a formulation you have no other alternatives. If the resulting video is not unique, you can try to cache the result
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And what are not satisfied with ffmpeg/mencoder?
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I'm in the same exact situation use gnash.

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