Means of deploying a php application with web interface?

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There is a task of deployment of a web application written in php.

1. To do the update from the repository (SVN)

2. To assign rights to certain files and folders

3. to restart Memcached

4. To make a backup.

Now it works on TeamCity + ApacheAnt, but recently encountered problems (not picking the version from a repository), while SVN checkout is OK. We deploym engaged in a tester and in need of a web face with the button "deploy" and viewing of the execution process of deployment. In TeamCity it's all there, but it is occasionally buggy.

Prompt please, whether there are similar means of deployment applications support for Ant build files?
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View to the side and CruiseControl
Perhaps the problem You have directly from ancovas Tasca to update svn.

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