Maximum running Internet Explorer 7 in Wine

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Work on a current project required me to attractivethe API calls associated with the cryptography that makes Internet Explorer within Wine.
Downloaded source of wine-1.3.11 because then I'll have to change a little, and winetricks to put IE7 in Wine.
Established thus, in General IE works, but tightly hangs, for example, when you see the message "cannot find page" and in many other places. Debug wine shows that something is stuck in wininet and in the final comes a stack overflow. From that moment I can't login via https on the test page of our company and, accordingly, to see in the wine log I'm interested in challenges.
However, IE under Crossover runs great, displays "zapisannye" places, and on the test page comes without problems. But in Crossover, there is no log, and no way to fasten it to my collected wine.
The question is how to build IE under the normal wine so that it work as close to the version inside the CrossOver. If someone had the experience of dancing with a tambourine around this topic, please share.
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try to install playonlinux, and since it has to install ie7 — playonlinux myself download need ie7 under wine.

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