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How much you will be interested to read some chapters from the book Rework?

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The book "Rework" was written by Jason Fried and Heinemeier Hansson (37 signals). Is it possible to make a selection of articles with translations of chapters from this book? I myself think will not pull to translate the whole book, it is not enough. Yes, and I'm not native english, so as to compete in quality (decent) translation of the book.

Maybe it would be interesting to try to make collective translations, so that contentious issues could help translate a language guru? Or this game is still not worth it?

And the most important question: how many legitimate here is a translation? Guys sell the book, and then a free translation...
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Soon the book is officially published in Russian. In my opinion, on the publishers website you can read a few chapters. Think of how a book will be published and will appear on the Internet free translation.
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