Why after flashing HTC Desire S does not find wi-fi?

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Installed Android 4.2.2 on Desire S
For the user with Habra - habrahabr.ru/post/182464
Finds Wi-Fi network. Buggy when I go into the Wi-Fi settings (slow, out of the Settings app)

How to fix the Wi-Fi or some advise stable build?
Not below Android 4.1
(I want Google Now and other new stuff)

In the beginning was the official firmware is Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0
Then put official via PC Android 4.0.4

Firmware communication module:
Kernel version:
nickk@rampage #1
Tue May 21 20:49:24 BST 2013
CPU (earlier on another seems to have been written):
ARMv7 Processor rev 2 (v7l)
Memory (used to like more):
588 Mb
Version CyanogenMod:
Build date:
Tue May 21 20:31:35 BST 2013
Build number:
cm_saga-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39
eng.nick.20130521.203109 test-key

SAGA PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-2.02.0002 RADIO-3831.19.00.110 eMMC-boot Jul 31 2012, 15:31:32

Maybe some more information to provide?
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7 Answers

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Go to 4pda.ru in Suzdal firmware of your device. There probably are owners who know what it is
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The firmware for your camera, you say above, will be able to choose rather on 4pda.
But about wifi:
1) the firmware of the communication module in no way affects the WiFi.
2) And you did full Wipe before flashing? I just, you never know, a factory reset after flashing.
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Here at the person the same problem. He helped change the router settings second to last message.
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What would Wi-FI worked as it should:
1. Include the phone
2. Log in Wi-Fi
3. Select the Region of Russia, Japan (same as router)
4. To Turn On Wi-Fi
PS to restart the phone to turn Wi-Fi off and do it again starting with 1 point
Knowing this I think you can solve a problem that is IMHO in the channels..
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1. Reboot the phone
2. I go to the settings region of Europe
3. Include.
4. Wifi is not available
5. Consumed with grief and lags off.
6. I go to the settings of the region is worth - nothing
7. Put Europe (or something else no matter what)
8. Instantly finds.
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on the router, see what the channel is. is is worth 13 and half of the devices it sees. check manually first. and remove to check the encryption and passwords on wifi.
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Sorry for the ignorance, where to choose the region of Wi-Fi.
I frilander px2 and Mysaga c4, massage flew off wifi and bluetooth
Smart sees nothing and no one sees him. A factory reset does not help.

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