The most expensive queries in contextual advertising?

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What queries in and other contextual systems are the most expensive? Preferably with at least approximate numbers.
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Approximate figures present simply because any commercially interesting query can cost 1 — 50.e depending on straightness of hands of who the campaign was set up. The average temperature in the hospital can see yourself in the appraiser budget (measure during working hours on Friday in the afternoon — typically the hottest time)
Traditionally, expensive and over-heated subjects with an average forecasted price of clicks > 10.e and the average real price of click >5.e:
registration and liquidation of companies, certification
website development, promotion
pawnshop, microcredit
PC repair, antivirus installation
offshore registration, legal services
rent offices, commercial property
legal services, legal services business
business accounting services
ie all subjects high margin with a low threshold entrance to business or B2B sverhkategorijnye subjects with high average check product services. From this and proceed
Plastic Windows never been in Direct highly complex topic. The subject is very wide, the competitors — some farmers who traditionally do not read help. Even with modest budgets can feel comfortable and get a relatively cheap targeted traffic.
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The plastic window...
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