How to draw on the resources of the foreign audience?

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I would like to ask for advice from abrasheva, a lot of people here, all of your experience, someone always knows the answers.

For example, we have a project ********.com, developed all the technical part, tested etc. the question Arises how to attract the audience that lives in the United States.

The obvious options — the context from Google and advertising on Facebook, but they are not cheap and should not be regarded as the main element to attract people. Does anyone have any of habravan experience of promotion of projects over the hill? As they have done?

Whether the actual search engine optimization how well attract people to pay for publishing in blogs? What are some other ways, websites, tools?
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2 Answers

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Try to write about your project here and other similar sites (reddit, etc.)
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TSA = people who live in the US? CA. CA. From CA and we dance. Go to where the TSA. Solve her problems, make them feel good. All.

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