Open mobile platform?

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TRU open mobile platform?

In fact, going to come down with winmobile and are looking for mixture.


(openmoko does not count).

Open (this means fuck Android and its breaks). Otkrytaya these type whatever I want and put no questions, and not just from SuperDuperAppStore, as in the days of the 6th winmobile. Outlook databases, file system — everything is open.

Open for developemnt. It is here taken, has written, works with wm6 when I had pocket smart with a pair of the devices to cross, without restart after the upgrade programs and developer phone for mnogodenek.

Wish is linux-based.

As I understand, now the only — meego/openmoko?
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"Open (it means fuck Android and its breaks). "
You mean what, exactly? About the replacement recovery and root?
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On Android and so you can without problems install the software is not from official market. And this is standard functionality and don't need anything "jailbreaking"
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Yes, you have answered your own question. While Meego OS is not for phones. Android is not entirely free. OpenMoko and LiMo dead.
If you choose from all existing now — Android. To develop developerfor and expensive development environment is not needed. Any phone on the Android free of eclipse/idea.
Completely open phone will not be profitable producers.
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First: by itself, Android is open. Another thing is that the vendors who put it on their devices decide to make some barrier in front of users, kind of test of education, before giving it full power over system resources. Otherwise the user will be able to easily kill your device.
Second: what makes you think that the vendors who will put meego on their devices will also, by default, include all sorts of digital signature of the firmware? Yes, you can disable them. and this is the verification of the competence of the user. If he passes he will have the opportunity to change everything, doing neskoromnyi settings. A simple user who has not passed such test, it will be harder to make your device a brick.

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