Equalizer, and display information about the songs in the web player with radio?

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Are there any for JW Player (or any other "universal Flash/Silverlight player" online broadcasts for the web) plug-ins for:

1) display current song/artist in the stream;

2) sound settings (EQ presets).

I know that technically manipulation of sound should be implementable in Flash (because there are all sorts of crafts like this www.anttikupila.com/flash/soundfx-out-of-the-box-a...), but Google search normal usable solutions for players yet brought no results... only found a bunch of plugins that visualize audio in the form of spectrum analyzers, but none where it would be possible to change certain sound frequency...

Update: i.e. according to claim 2 in need of something like this lab.andre-michelle.com/eq-filterbut only in the form of a plug-in for online broadcasts and presets it is desirable (as in Windows Media Player).
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About the first — out of the box is nothing, the radio gives a sly flow in which the flash vydritsa track. As the decision to pull from the js script that produces the current track (take from the server which is streaming), it can be done with a plugin.

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