To debug a web site when using SVN?

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Question for web developers (in my case, using CodeIgniter + MySQL; the site itself is the virtual. hosting a Subversion repository at SVN hosting) — how do you debug the project?

For example, the involved specialists (programmers, coders, etc.) create a working copy from a repository.

The project is desirable to debug online, but the main website (domain) can not touch it.

What sequence of actions can be recommended? Update (check out) from the repository, then make changes, then direct fix to the test server via FTP, and when everything is ready and debugged, and only then commit?

How to ensure you edit the database structure? Do I have to use ORM (e.g. Doctrine) or you can do without it?

Thank you.
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IMHO, the most convenient, when each developer on the team has a domain like Are these hosts or developers on the machine, or a small ServerSocket in the office. All commits go to there change scan testers and management. Once everyone is happy, the code laid out on
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Hook on commit svn makes export to the test server. Post debug — branch code branch and export the branch to a production server.
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And what's the problem with SVN? Standard, mysqldump, rsync, and a couple of ready scripts and a test server.
For specific settings, I create a separate git branch, if necessary.
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Testim on the svn server directly.
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