Means of collective development

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Don't know how to formulate it correctly so just describe the situation.

It so happened that I and another person do is not very complicated PCB. And I did, and he may have something in them to change. You need to find a simple engine on php to this case to simplify. Here arises, for example, the svn, but the virtual hosting and it seems there not sticking.
Thought to tie the wiki, but also think for 2 people a luxury. Can you advise what?
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There are lots of free hosting for version control systems.
For instance, assembla (git & svn), github (git), etc.
There you can not only store version, but keep records.
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fengoffice maybe something will help, there is a direct ready-made distros with it with svn etc. About the details, ask Google.
0 like 0 dislike there are svn and trac (wiki + bug tracker). But if you code a lot, their free limit (20mb) can be avoided for a small monthly fee.

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