The Russian layout + arrows in N900?

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Good day!

Long used N900 and all are waiting for the decision / discussion of this problem, but nope, looks like all are OK one I'm a fool :) I Want to clarify. So, set your keyboard layout to Russian. After that, the up arrow gets the point and to the left of b and W. Accordingly, arrows are not working in any way and many games you cannot play because of this.

How to be?

And the virtual keyboard is there are no Russian.
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3 Answers

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personally, I got used to the lack of arrows:)
as a half measure can suggest the following — put the plugin "taskbar" that switches the keyboard layout before running the toy include English
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None of this is not met. Probably put some kind of soft, right?
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As you know we are talking about not the RST phone with the Russian firmware. So if you view the PCT phones, you will notice that they are under the cursor keys left only 2 <> when you shift replaced by up, down. Such is the reality. Try to download from repositories YAVERTY layout maybe there are differently, or to edit QWERTY for yourself you will be able
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