Terrible brakes on a MacBook Pro 15" 2017, a problem of graphics card?

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Good afternoon, community!

I have a not very pleasant situation with my new purchase.

About mensana ago purchased
MacBook Pro 15" 2017 (MPTV2) i7 2.9 GHz / Radeon Pro 560
With Oska on Board
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

Recently installed photoshop, the latest version subscription.
Photoshop CC 2018

See such obyasnimo not brake, simply by dragging a picture on the working field as a layer.
the link on YouTube. Uploaded image is not small, on the order of 15000x7000 pixels, but still, I don't think Dan setape, there ought to be brakes...

In the performance settings included/switched off ispolzovanie GPU.
And most surprisingly, that when you turn off the brake fade is noticeable (but still present)

Also ran all sorts of benchmarks, the results were declared for this model.

Please help me to understand the cause of the problem.
Can be any cosoveni I'm not aware of, for testing/diagnosis ?

And overall, have encountered anyone with similar problems?

Thank you!
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Buying an expensive thing you buy in addition to clothes and service. So enjoy it in full. With every sneeze carry it to the service center under warranty and don't pile. Let loaded those whom you have already paid for that in advance.
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If simple: is addobe to their optimization. Need to watch the settings, the location of the cache, the state of the MRF at the time of the brakes. I have Hackintosh on Xeon, works perfectly except... FSH, looked the download (on Windows as well), 1.5 ' core 8(16) of RAM and 5 GB ate at the "kids" file.
Photoshop older versions noticeably more cheerful.
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A friend from the diner 'repair Apple' a couple of weeks ago I mentioned supposedly brought him already 2 Proshka, just with Your Radeon on Board. After diagnosis, recommended exchange traded on garantice and the issues in both cases are decided... a Coincidence? =)
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Download Intel® Power Gadget and check what is loaded in the system when you move the picture.
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Prompt please, solved Your problem???

I am the owner of the same Macbook Pro 15 (2017). And also inhibits the video. Even without the stress.
Video slows down as the third-party programs and system as a whole.
The system re-installed completely twice. Put it through the Internet recovery and USB flash drive (the disk was formatted in both cases).... It did NOT help.
Took it to the service. They said that the warranty only covers the hardware and reinstall the software is paid (2500 R). From reinstall I of course refused. Two days later came to pick up the laptop.... Said iron is OK!

Reset the system again... All over again....

It is a pity the thrown out money and time. Apple disappointed. This is my fifth Mac, the most powerful and expensive, but it is not possible to work. Have an old Macbook Pro 13 (2012) which these tasks copes perfectly without lag!

Help what to do next???


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