Control system video/photos for people far from the computer

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Allocated to a relatives computer, he is now used for correspondence. Historically, correspondence is carried out via (do they have the most user-friendly interface?).

There was a need to store, catalog, share taken photos and videos. The level of computer literacy is very low, the correspondence Vkontakte missing, and directory creation, renaming, moving — is not.

You need to choose quite functional, and convenient for those unfamiliar with the computer of the person tool for this. I can provide periodic support to set up, but basic tasks should be able to carry through a simple interface.

First come up with the following options:
1) stored on the local hard disk in the directory structure (how to send? E-mail seems to be large, hundreds of megabytes, the attachments are not drawn)
2) store in Google+, the privacy settings of the albums seem to have, but it is unknown how reliable and safe
3) specialized tools (Picasa?)

The situation is complicated by the fact that I did not collect photos/movies, so I don't know the advantages and disadvantages of various tools.

Also, the majority of cataloguers share photos and videos, although semantically they are no different, just different formats. For example, in a trip the person took photos/videos, and Vkontakte, you need to upload and watch photos separately, live separately. Picasa seems to be (?) also only works with photos, videos ignore.

Will summarize the requirements:
— Unified both with photos and video
— Secure storage (backup? cloud?)
— Ability to send content to other users
— Set up access to the albums
— Easy to use
— ???
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My parents for several years quite successfully used installed me Picasa. Benefits — quite simply, tools of photos and videos is quite powerful and at the same time simple to use, seamless integration with Picasa Web and send photos by mail (using GMail or any other account you configured). Disadvantages — working with video on a fairly basic level, and place in Picasa Web limited and for backup the entire family photo album is not good, you've got to think something else. But in General, I recommend.
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How about Dropbox?
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throw in the web.
I apologize in advance, if not suited to the requirements.
But for me quite perfect.

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