Bug with switching keyboard layouts in Windows?

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How to reproduce:

— driven configuration layouts (add Ukrainian layout in Russian language) to the following form:


— opened QIP'e (2005) a message box with two contacts

in the first tab, select the Russian language with Russian layout, the second — Russian language with Ukrainian layout

go with the second tabs on the first and then back to the second

The result: I have automatically added Ukrainian language in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Keyboard Layout\\Preload) is not listed, and delete which can only adding and removing the Ukrainian language.

Reproduced both on XP and seven.

Actually, the question is: how to deal with it or how and where to report this glitch (very preferably without registration)?
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5 Answers

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the problem is not only with the old quip, intime the same problem.
and a bug just not in Windows and in the quip.
I even once wrote about this bug back in 2008. here found this post: forum.qip.ru/showpost.php?p=249232&postcount=21
even made a video with the description of a problem, but it is up to today has not been preserved. the developers of this bug fix did not want to.
and I have a bug appeared on the contrary, samadbayli the Russian layout, I had the screenshot, but with a Ukrainian keyboard Ukrainian and Russian.
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Tell me, why you add another layout in Russian language, not Ukrainian will add separately?
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The old TRC has no support, so I met someone.
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Use qutimLuke.
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thanks to the author for the idea. I bought exactly the same keyboard setup. I wish I could put a plus sign.

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