Assistance in selecting iron for the VPN network

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The question arose of creating the VPN network a geographically dispersed stores.
Now, the provider gives all shops a standard PPPoE connection.
All you need to let through one vpn server.
What hardware to use to automate the raising at every store first PPPoE, then the vpn connection?
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Depends on your budget.
Little money — D-link and Tplink'and shops, the server with *nix on warehouse (office). But be prepared for failures and disconnections.
Money a little more get the Asus/LinkSys c custom firmware and the same server.
Money — "how much" in each store server on an Intel Atom nettop or anything. Each to supply the most familiar *nix + VPN client.
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almost any router with VPN support.
though dlink, linksys, though — it all depends on Your financial capabilities and the availability of a particular model.
Narrow question, otherwise it is not clear what to answer.
What is VPN connection will be used, etc.
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Want production? — take the mikrotik.
For a corporate network to take honorory — kink.
PC — for your purpose too.
Total — mikrotik routerboard.
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cisco asa sauzaie, is very much where met in the posted shops.
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Not simply whether the provider rent channel order, and the head office is to watch, what to put. Depends on the nuances.

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