SATA 3 HDD and an old Mat Board (SATA 1) [solved: VT8237 can not and all here]

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Bought; ESDI drive SEAGATE Barracuda Green ST2000DL003 2TB, SATA III
It runs fine in my new computer, but really want to put it into old.
And the old can only SATA 1.

The jumpers on the HDD there.

In the manual, Seagate says: "It is usually not necessary to set any jumpers on the drive for
proper operation; however, if you connect the drive and receive a “drive not detected” error, your SATA-equipped
motherboard or host adapter may use a chipset that does not support SATA speed autonegotiation."

Please advise what I can try to come up with, but to purchase a SATA controller?
Thanks in advance!
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3 Answers

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If the Board not on VIA VT8237, it should not be, as well as a visible reduction in speed.
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Try the USB-SATA controller.
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My mother supports like only сата2 (4 years) put a wd black sata3 and everything is fine.
If the problem is not the chipset drivers any, but just no hardware support, meaning fooling with controllers no.
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