Wi-Fi router for office

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Current Linksys when you connect 20+ devices is clearly unable to cope. The speed drops significantly, ping grows up (although, no one, nothing, not actively pumping).

Does it make sense to rely on Wi-Fi with this (or even 30+) number of devices? Or should I start to feed the cable around the office? If Yes — prompt, what device to purchase.

Thanks in advance :)
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You may want to put a few Wi-Fi points as repeaters, and wires them together.
Feature VI-Fi — priority connection with the best signal strength, so who is closer — and that eats bandwidth.
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Perhaps it makes sense to get a router that supports Wi-Fi N bands two or three, not one, the speed is higher, the capacitance in the idea too.
The only time it is necessary to change cards on computers that do not support Wi-Fi N.

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