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How to get a sudden job interview in IT company? - | Q&A

How to get a sudden job interview in IT company?

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I think almost everyone of us who have graduated are faced with the job search and an important step in getting a job — interview. But sometimes it happens that immediately after graduation are arranged to work directly without interviews in the usual sense of the word and the necessary experience just don't get. So what happened to me.

Now it so happened that I was looking for work, and major IT company suddenly interested in my modest CV and was invited for an interview, appointing him the next day. Position in the company is connected with the implementation of CRM systems.

Online articles and information "how to interview for dummies" — a dime a dozen. But I think in these circumstances you can try to ask advice from Gabriela.

How to get a sudden job interview?
Something to read for the rest of the day?
What to pay attention in the first place?

I would be grateful for advice and assistance.

UPD: At the request in the comments, tell briefly how it went.
First of all — thanks for the various tips many of them (mostly about peace of mind) I applied in practice.
Pleasantly surprised that the interview was strictly for a particular scenario — downright according to the book :)
Sample questions — what do you know about our company, what jobs wondering what is actually CRM, questions about past experience and skills. Ended the interview with a question about salary expectation and a proposal to ask some questions of my own :) In General the most important as I read and managed to convince himself not to care. With this task, I believe that did it.
According to the interview results I received — there were apparently other candidates for the open positions, more worthy :) But somehow, I'm sure that the cause of failure — certainly not my "bad" interview. I gained valuable experience and put into practice the tips written below — thank you!
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You are confident in yourself! You are calm and relaxed, but at the same time remain focused. Superficial knowledge bring you understanding and thus consolidate the knowledge. Thoughts directed only at the positive outcome of the interview. At the interview, you answer confidently and with all his words, gestures, facial expressions and voice will show his confidence in her excellent understanding of the subject. Previously, you mind lose successful job interview, as a talented actor before the play. You submit what you come up with an inexperienced technician and try to him understand and to tell about most of these systems.
All you get! Success ;)
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I was in such moments follow the rule to sleep and eat out, a lot of conceptual knowledge to acquire for the day.
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— consider a brief presentation of yourself (4-5 sentences about yourself);
— consider the answers to General questions — where study\\studied, what he did, achieve at uni
than interested but it respond moderately (not 1-2 sentences, but not the whole story);
— what do You see yourself in 1, 5, 10 years;
— what do you like to work alone or in team, why;
— what will you do if you don't know some technology\\StatSoft\\etc. (to read the documentation — OK, and if the documentation is not present?);
— learn as much as possible about the company — doing what, who's in charge, what areas of work, etc.;
— if the company is large — I recommend the same to organize a presentable appearance (can be a suit and tie, shave);
— do not be late, but don't come in 30 minutes early (shows that the person is not able to use time efficiently);
— if the employer end the interview and ask if You have questions be sure to ask 2-3;
— do not lie — if you don't know the answer — say so;
— if they ask, what s\ want — do not respond immediately, ask first — what will your duties be, can be overtime\\holidays\\holidays a budget plan for the position, how often are reviewing s\, is there a system of bonuses / incentives, home browse average pay in the market for the same jobs and make a start from this figure and confidently call their own — You are young and promising specialist, not just another student, which are a dime a dozen.
— and lastly — not beceite\\MAKITA\\Pukite\\cite\\...
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Don't worry.
Experience you already have.
Do not take — so don't take it, life does not end. One large company you have an interest, are interested and even.
Dress in the clothes in which you feel confident in which you are comfortable. If it is suit in suit, if jeans and a sweater — then jeans and a sweater, etc.
And, in the end — it's not you they impose, they want you to do. This fact alone should inspire you to:)
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I advise you not to worry. Look at the situation differently. It does not need the work they have, they need a specialist. So nothing to worry about, if you have the knowledge and skills idle.
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The main thing is to be calm and not to forget what you know, in a couple of days, little will learn new and master.
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To be yourself, not cunning and not try to cheat. If you do not know what better to say.
The employer will be pleasantly surprised if for such a short time you will read at least a couple of articles on "the introduction of CRM-systems" if at least in General will know about it. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the position.
Try to make a good impression (be punctual and neatly dressed), if you do not take immediately, it may turn to you after a while or will recommend to colleagues.

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