Automatic removal of BACULA volumes

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Faced with the same tricks.
Doing backups with Bacula, but that's the problem — she doesn't want to delete the actual files containing the volume. Ie I would like to automatically remove old files. In my case, 1 file 1 vol.
The parameter "Maximum Volumes" in the pool settings does not help — Bacula just ceases to burn backups. Google me also did not help.

Here is the config of one of the pools:
Pool {
Name = PDC
Pool Type = Backup

Recycle = no # Bacula can automatically recycle Volumes
AutoPrune = no # Prune expired volumes
Maximum Volume Bytes = 1G # Limit Volume size to something reasonable
Maximum Volume Jobs = 1

# UseVolumeOnce = yes
# Recycle Oldest Volume = yes
# Maximum Volumes = 150 # Limit number of Volumes in Pool

LabelFormat = "${Pool}-${Level}-${Year}-${Month:p/2/0/r}-${Day:p/2/0/r}-${Hour:p/2/0/r}:${Minute:p/2/0/r}-${Job}"

Version Bakula — 5.0.2, system — CentOS 5.5
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Bakula can't delete files. I too, at one time it tripped. It was agreed for each job to create a volume file, and then just make the rotation, is to rewrite a new job. The only negative — do not add date to file names, or otherwise differentiate them. Yes, in principle it is not necessary — everything can be seen through the console Bakula.

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