Whether thesis a publication?

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Good afternoon.

Sub-questions to the subject a few:

1) Is the diploma thesis by publication in the full sense of the word?

2) What are the rights of the institution in which the work is defended it is?

3) What are the rights of the author in the same work?

Preferably the reinforcement answer pruflink on laws, regulations, etc.
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While waiting for the employee WAC with references to the laws will say:
1. No. She has no ISSN or something else. Work placed in the archive of the institution and kept there for 5 years.
2. No rights. The school keeps a job only for the Commission that can check it (and don't give out the diplomas just like that, without paying to the right place!?).
3. Law, in any case, full. You can use it as you like. Including to publish :)
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Food for thought. In GOST 7.60-2003 there is a definition and classification of scientific publications. Among them is this: thesis: Scientific publication in the form of brochures compiled by the author the abstract of his study presented for the degree.
According to Wikipedia, "master" academic degrees in Russia does not apply (in the West).
From the above it follows that the master's degree is not considered a publication (in Russian).
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