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You, too, if you search in Google "x5club" from the results straight to a fake anti-virus? The word x5club.ru and x5club.org give legitimate sites.
This is not difficult to figure out how it happens — tell us in the comments.
PS. X5 announced in the hotline and left a review to Google, but not sure that the information within a reasonable time reach the addressee. There are Google employees. If you know them, invite in this topic, please.
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3 Answers

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Google not and see the source code of the website. When entering the website with a referrer of "Google" to throw over Location: buyordie.osa.pl
Most likely in the site code built check. Change your passwords and otchityvayasj for backup.
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And looks nice the fake to Ubuntu. People in the know, please tell me how is that even possible to do.
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The word on the fake antivirus throws in Chrome (Windows Xp, Ubuntu 10.x). Rechecked the Fox throws on something like under MSN search

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